Testing the Multilingual Run-time Image (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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After you have built your multilingual run-time image (see Building a Multilingual Run-time Image) and dowloaded it to the Emulator, you will notice that the UI elements of your run-time image are displayed in French.

You can now switch the UI on your target device from French to English.

Note   The UI on your target device will depend on the language of the default locale for which the image has been created.

To switch the user interface on your multilingual run-time image

  1. On the Emulator, choose Démarrer, choose Paramètres, choose Panneau de configuration, and then choose Paramètres régionaux. The Paramètres régionaux et linguistiques dialog box appears.
  2. Select the paramètres régionaux tab.
  3. From the dropdown list under Vos paramètres régionaux , select Anglais (États-Unis).
  4. Select the Langue d'interface utilisateur tab.
  5. From the dropdown list under Langue d'interface utilisateur, select Anglais (États-Unis), and then choose OK. The Demande de changement de l'interface dialog box appears.
  6. You will be presented with a message telling you to perform a soft reset to enable the changes in the UI to take place. Choose OK.
  7. From the Emulator menu, choose Soft Reset.
  8. At the Are you sure you want to reset the Emulator message, choose Reset.

    The reset process may take a minute to complete.

  9. After your run-time image has rebooted, verify that the UI of the run-time image is displayed in English. To verify that the various dialog boxes on your run-time image are displayed in English, launch the various applications included in the run-time image.
    Note   Shortcuts and driver names will remain in the default UI language.

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