Sample Callout

CRM 1.0

For a component that you want to be notified about changes in Microsoft CRM, implement the ICRMCallout interface and register the class in the metabase. The following is an example of an implementation of the Sample Module component declaration of the ICRMCallOut interface.

Note   The GUID must match the CLSIDorProgId in the Subscriber table. The GUID that is used in this example is for illustrative purposes only; you should use a different value in your code.

 * Sample Module 
#pragma once



class ATL_NO_VTABLE CSampleModule : public ICRMCallout
    CSampleModule (){};
    virtual ~CSampleModule (){};

HRESULT PostCreate(/* [in] */ int ObjectType,
                   /* [in] */ BSTR ObjectId,
                   /* [in] */ BSTR OrigObjectXml)
// Your post-create implementation goes here
HRESULT PostUpdate(/* [in] */ int ObjectType,
                   /* [in] */ BSTR ObjectId,
                   /* [in] */ BSTR OrigObjectXml)
// Your post-update implementation goes here
HRESULT PostDelete(/* [in] */ int ObjectType,
                   /* [in] */ BSTR ObjectId)
// Your post-delete implementation goes here

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