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A rule is a container for conditions and a link to a next step in a process. When a rule evaluates to true, meaning all the conditions associated to the rule evaluate to true, it allows the process to progress by either moving to the next step or terminating the entire process.

The following figure shows two workflow rules for a step.

Workflow rule

The XML schema is described by wfrule.xsd.

Supported actions for rules are:

  • Rules can be added to a step.
  • Rules can be deleted from a step.
  • Rules can be edited.
  • Rule evaluation priority can be changed.

Field: nextstepid

The field nextstepid either points to an existing stepid of the same process or is NULL. If the rule is evaluated to true, flow will move to the specified step; if nextstepid is null, the process instance will stop execution.

Field: orderofevaluation

The field orderofevaluation specifies which rule should be evaluated first. For example, a rule with an orderofevaluation of 1 is evaluated before a rule with an orderofevaluation of 2.

See Also

Field: rulecode

The field rulecode is reserved for application use.

Field: ruletypecode

The field ruletypecode is reserved for application use.

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