CRM 1.0

The Microsoft CRM application comes with a robust reporting component from Crystal Reports Designer that makes it easy for you to access summarized information from the system and to customize those reports as needed. Using the Crystal Reports Designer engine, there are over 100 standard reports covering every component of the product — from account hierarchy reports to pipeline charts to case management effectiveness reports. These reports are generated from a user’s security context (that is, if users cannot see the data in the application, they will not be able to see it in a report), enable filtering (where appropriate), and can be viewed, printed, and exported.

Note   If you want to customize these reports, you need to install Crystal Reports 9 (Professional, Developer, or Advanced editions) and apply the Crystal Reports Enhanced Edition, which is available on the Crystal Reports Enhancement CD included with Microsoft CRM. The Enhanced edition contains updates necessary to design and save customized reports.

For information about creating parameter-driven reports, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 834790, Writing Parameter-Driven Reports for Microsoft CRM Version 1.2 Using Crystal Reports 9 (

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