CRM 1.0

This section contains reference documentation of the public classes that constitute the Microsoft Business Solutions CRM platform.

This section contains the following information:

Class Library

Supplies syntax, code examples, and related information for each class contained in the Microsoft CRM SDK.


Contains the classes and enumerations that are used to access the Microsoft CRM platform.


Contains the classes used within the XML strings that are used by the Microsoft CRM platform.


Documents the Microsoft CRM metabase schema, the Fetch XML schema, and the ColumnSet schema.

Workflow Reference

Provides detailed information about how to build custom workflows.

Object Types

Provides a mapping of object type codes.

Error Codes

Provides a complete listing of error return codes.

SOAP Interfaces

Lists the SOAP APIs.

Document Conventions

For information about the document conventions this reference section uses, see Document Conventions.

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