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A process is an encapsulation of an entire business policy or business process. Processes are made up of interrelated steps, actions, and rules. The following events can instantiate a process: Create, Assign, State change, Route (activities and incidents only), and manual (calling Execute).

The following figure shows a complete process.

Workflow process

The XML schema is described by wfprocess.xsd.

Valid process operations are:

  • Create a process
  • Delete a process
  • Clone (make a copy of) a process
  • Modify an existing inactive process
  • Activate or deactivate a process
  • View a process

Field: eventtypecode

The possible values for the eventtypecode field are defined by WORKFLOW_EVENT_TYPE.

Field: statecode

The possible values for the statecode field are defined by WORKFLOW_PROCESS_STATE.

Field: processcode

The processcode attribute is reserved for application use.

Field: processtypecode

The possible values for the processtypecode field are defined by WORKFLOW_PROCESS_TYPE.

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