CRM 1.0

Post callouts are a simple extension mechanism for implementing custom platform-based business logic.

The platform metadata stores information about each entity. This information can be used to track the list of callout handlers, the class names, and whether a given handler is required for an action. These handlers are stored in call order which is determined by priority.

The following topics describe how to use post-callouts, including sample code:

Callout Interface

Registering Your Callouts

Sample SQL Module

Sample Callout

Creating a CRM Post-Callout Object Using Visual Studio .NET

Note   The Post-Callout model works with the Activity and Incident classes in the same manner as with any other Microsoft CRM class, except that within a single transaction, a process cannot operate on the activity or incident that the post callout event returns. For example, you cannot retrieve the same activity based on the activityid returned by the callout component. However, you can use the activityid that is returned by the callout in an external module.

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