CRM 1.0

A parameter describes a value used in a condition or action. ActionParameter and ConditionParameter have exactly the same semantics and syntax.

It is best practice to include the datatype when you are creating a parameter. WFPM_EQ, WFPM_NEQ, WFPM_GT, WFPM_LT, WFPM_GEQ, WFPM_LEQ, WFPM_IN, and WFPM_BETWEEN all use the datatype of the first parameter to determine what datatype to use in the evaluation. If the first parameter is a parameter function without a datatype specified, then the evaluation will result in an error.

The XML schema is described by wfparameter.xsd.

Field: datatype

The possible values for the datatype field are defined by WORKFLOW_DATA_TYPE.

Field: parametertypecode

The possible values for the parametertypecode field are defined by WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_TYPE. For more information about each parameter type, see the topics in this section.

Field: orderofevaluation

This field specifies which parameter is first, second and so on.

Field: parametercode

The field parametercode is reserved for application use.

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