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Object Types

CRM 1.0

The following table maps object type codes between ObjectType class, Microsoft CRM application display name, and the corresponding XML schema table.

Object type code Display name Platform name XML schema name
1 Account otAccount account
134 Activity otActivity activity
1001 Attachment otActivityMimeAttachment activitymimeattachment
135 Activity Party otActivityParty activityparty
5 Note otAnnotation annotation
2000 Annual Fiscal Calendar otAnnualFiscalCalendar annualfiscalcalendar
142 Appointment otAppointmentActivity activity
10 Business Unit otBusinessUnit businessunit
132 Announcement otBusinessUnitNewsArticle businessunitnewsarticle
139 Chat otChatActivity activity

[Not supported in this release.]

123 Competitor otCompetitor competitor
1004 Not applicable otCompetitorAddress competitoraddress
130 Not applicable otCompetitorContact competitorcontact
1005 Not applicable otCompetitorContactAddress competitorcontactaddress
1007 Not applicable otCompetitorRevenueReport competitorrevenuereport
2 Contact otContact contact
1010 Contract otContract contract
1011 Contract Line otContractDetail contractdetail
2011 Contract Template otContractTemplate contracttemplate
1071 Address otCustomerAddress customeraddress
1013 Discount otDiscount discount
1080 Discount List otDiscountType discounttype
126 Answer otDocumentIndex documentindex
138 E-mail otEmailActivity emailactivity
1014 Not applicable otExactDocumentMatch [Not supported in this release.]
128 Not applicable otFAQList [Not supported in this release.]
136 Fax otFaxActivity activity
2004 Fixed Monthly Fiscal Calendar otFixedMonthlyFiscalCalendar fixedmonthlyfiscalcalendar
112 Case otIncident incident
1081 Not applicable otIncidentEntryActivity incidententryactivity
140 Resolution otIncidentResolutionActivity activity
3000 Not applicable otIntegrationStatus integrationstatus
1003 Not applicable otInternalAddress internaladdress
1090 Invoice otInvoice invoice
1091 Invoice Product otInvoiceDetail invoicedetail
127 Article otKbArticle kbarticle
1082 Article Comment otKbArticleComment kbarticlecomment
1016 Article Template otKbArticleTemplate kbarticletemplate
4 Lead otLead lead
1017 Not applicable otLeadAddress leadaddress
141 Letter otLetterActivity activity
131 Not applicable otLightweightContact [Not supported in this release.]
2012 Not applicable otLWContact [Not supported in this release.]
2014 Not applicable otMailingList mailinglist
2003 Monthly Fiscal Calendar otMonthlyFiscalCalendar monthlyfiscalcalendar
0 Not applicable otNone Not applicable
3 Opportunity otOpportunity opportunity
145 Resolution otOpportunityCloseActivity activity
1083 Opportunity Product otOpportunityProduct opportunityproduct
147 Resolution otOrderCloseActivity activity
1019 Organization otOrganization organization
1021 Not applicable otOrganizationUI organizationui
137 Phone Call otPhoneCallActivity activity
1022 Price List otPriceLevel pricelevel
1023 Not applicable otPrivilege privilege
1024 Product otProduct product
1026 Price List Item otProductPriceLevel productpricelevel
2002 Quarterly Fiscal Calendar otQuarterlyFiscalCalendar quarterlyfiscalcalendar
2020 Queue otQueue queue
2029 Queue Item otQueueItem queueitem
1084 Quote otQuote quote
146 Resolution otQuoteCloseActivity activity
1085 Quote Product otQuoteDetail quotedetail
1036 Role otRole role
1037 Not applicable otRoleTemplate roletemplate
1038 Sales Literature otSalesLiterature salesliterature
1070 Document otSalesLiteratureItem salesliteratureitem
1088 Order otSalesOrder salesorder
1089 Order Product otSalesOrderDetail salesorderdetail
1039 View otSavedQuery savedquery
1040 Not applicable otSearchCriterion [Not supported in this release.]
1041 Not applicable otSearchLog [Not supported in this release.]
2001 Semiannual Fiscal Calendar otSemiAnnualFiscalCalendar semiannualfiscalcalendar
129 Subject otSubject subject
1044 Not applicable otSuggestedExactMatch [Not supported in this release.]
1045 Not applicable otSuggestedSearchCriterion [Not supported in this release.]
8 User otSystemUser systemuser
9 Team otTeam team
2010 E-mail Template otTemplate template
2013 Territory otTerritory territory
2028 Not applicable otTrackedItemHistory trackeditemhistory
1054 Not applicable otUnit [Not supported in this release.]
1055 Unit otUoM uom
1056 Unit Group otUoMSchedule uomschedule
1086 Not applicable otUserFiscalCalendar userfiscalcalendar
150 Not applicable otUserSettings usersettings
1061 Not applicable otWFAction wfaction
1062 Not applicable otWFActionLog wfactionlog
1064 Not applicable otWFCondition wfcondition
1065 Not applicable otWFEventLog wfeventlog
1066 Not applicable otWFParameter wfparameter
121 Rule otWFProcess wfprocess
122 Process otWFProcessInstance wfprocessinstance
1067 Not applicable otWFRule wfrule
1068 Not applicable otWFRuleLog wfrulelog
1069 Not applicable otWFStep wfstep

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