This function registers for a low space notification when the available bytes in the overlay reach a specified threshold.

BOOL EwfMgrRegisterLowSpaceNotification(
  HANDLE hDevice,
  LONGLONG FreeBytesRemaining,
  LPOVERLAPPED lpOverlapped


[in] Handle to the EWF overlay store volume.
[in] Specifies the threshold of free bytes remaining before a notification is sent.
[in] Long pointer to an OVERLAPPED structure.

Return Values

If the function succeeds, the return value is TRUE.

If the function fails, the return value is FALSE. Call GetLastError for extended error information.


If lpOverlapped is NULL:

  • EwfMgrRegisterLowSpaceNotification does not return until the notification is completed or until an error occurs.
  • The fOpenForAsyncIO parameter was FALSE when EwfMgrOpenOverlayStore was called.

If lpOverlapped is non-NULL, fOpenForAsyncIO was TRUE when EwfMgrOpenOverlayStore was called.

This function is only supported on disk overlays.

The overlay store volume must remain open while this notification is outstanding. The notification is canceled automatically if the overlay store volume handle is closed.


OS Versions: Windows XP Embedded.
Header: Ewfapi.h.
Link Library: Ewfapi.dll, Ewfapi.lib.

Code Example

The following routine(s), which are included in the EWF API Code Sample (Sample.cpp), demonstrate how to use this function:



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