Application Integration

CRM 1.0

Application integration describes how to add custom menus, side tabs, and buttons to the Microsoft CRM application and to Microsoft CRM Sales for Outlook (the Outlook client).

To do this, you edit the text-based configuration files found on your Microsoft CRM server.

Note   To make your customization look like Microsoft CRM, use the style sheet found in the technical article “Customizing the UI for Third-Party Extensions to Microsoft CRM” at

Any integration into the application must participate in security. That is, any server or client application calling into the Microsoft CRM application programming interface (API) must have user context in the same domain.

Important    Any integration into Microsoft CRM Version 1.2 may not be supported in the same way in future versions.

The following topics explain the details of customization:

Security issue

All users of the system have access to all integration points. No security or role-based limitations are built into the integration; in other words, these customizations are visible to all users regardless of their roles.

Specifying URLs in the ISV.config file

You should use the following escape sequences when specifying a URL in the ISV.config file. No escape sequences are required for parentheses or curly brackets.

Character Escape Sequence
(space) +
' \'
" %22
& &

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