QFE File and Registry Update Identification

The Quality Fix Engineering (QFE) updates that are made available by Microsoft contain information in the Release Notes about the files and registry settings that are updated. Typically, the Additional Information section of the Release Notes is sufficient to author a Device Update Agent script.

The Additional Information section of the Release Notes includes a list of the updated files, destination directories, and registry updates that are contained in the QFE. Based on the files and registry settings in the QFE, author your DUA script. For more information, see Device Update Script.

Additionally, if you want to install the QFE to the Component Database, and rebuild your run-time image, you can identify any changes to the registry by using Registry Editor.

After you rebuild your run-time image, use the registry editor to open the registry hive of your run-time image in the Windows\System32\Config directory.

By using Registry Editor, you can examine the hive to ensure that the keys you want to set values for actually exist. If they do not exist, you must create these keys in your device update script.

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