First Boot Agent

First Boot Agent (FBA) completes the run-time image build process by running a sequence of tasks on the target system, such as Plug and Play device detection, security installation, and network configuration. You can add commands to FBA and specify when they will run during the FBA process.

In This Section

How FBA Works
Describes the system configuration tasks carried out by FBA.
FBA Phases and Processing Order
Describes how phases and processing order work in FBA.
Editing the Registry Hive For Your Image on the Target Device
Describes how to view and edit the registry hive for your image before or after you run FBA.
FBA Commands
Describes the eight FBA commands that can be specified for use during FBA.
Creating an FBA Command
Describes FBA DLL/COM Registration, FBA Generic Commands, and how to create an FBA command.
View FBA Phase Numbers and Processing Order
Describes how to use the Fbatxt.log file and the registry keys to view the phase numbers and FBA processing order on your device.
Troubleshooting FBA
Provides information about troubleshooting FBA problems by using FBA error codes, log file errors, and solutions to common FBA problems.

Related Sections

Deploy a Run-Time Image
Describes the process of transferring a run-time image to a variety of media types and the components and tools that are used for this purpose.
Custom Resources
Describes the resources that can be added to a component or a configuration, to add specific functionality to the run-time image, such as COM registration or an application shortcut. Most custom resources are FBA commands.

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