Using the /guionly Switch to Create an Answer File

Using the /guionly Switch to Create an Answer File

The Setup wizard records all your responses in an answer file. You can then use the answer file (or make modifications to it) to complete the installation. You must specify the location where the answer file will be stored.

You can use the /guionly command line switch to record your responses to the Setup wizard anywhere you like, creating an answer file for later use during unattended setup.


  • When the /guionly switch is used, Setup.exe does not actually install anything; it only creates the answer file.
  • The answer file created by the /guionly switch should be used as a template. It is recommended you edit the answer file to set any parameters you require. For more information on the elements in the answer file, see Writing an Answer File: Required Elements and Writing an Answer File: Optional Elements.
  • To ensure the security of your WEPOS system, it is recommended that you change all passwords after an unattended setup.

To use the Setup wizard to create an answer file in this way, type the following at the command prompt:

Setup.exe /guionly:\pathname\filename.xml

where pathname is a UNC path to the file, and filename.xml is the name of the answer file you will use for unattended setup.


Setup.exe /guionly:A:\unattended.xml
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