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Pocket PC Notifications

The Pocket PC has a unique method of notifying the user independent of the standard Windows CE notification API discussed in Chapter 11. The Pocket PC notifications can display an icon on the navigation bar at the top of the screen, optionally display an information bubble with HTML text, and even beep the user as necessary. The user can respond by tapping on hyperlinks or buttons within the bubble. These responses are then sent back to the originating application. Unlike the standard Windows CE notifications, the Pocket PC notifications require the application be running and manually set the notification as needed. Once the notification is set, the application can stay running and receive feedback from the notification via window messages or terminate and specify that a COM in-proc server receives the feedback. Figure 17-3 shows a Pocket PC desktop with a notification bubble being displayed.

Figure 17-3

A notification bubble

The bubble is anchored to the application-defined icon on the navigation bar. Notification bubbles have a title and a text body. The bubble window is automatically sized to fit the text.

This topic is from Programming Microsoft Windows CE, Third Edition, by Douglas Boling, published by Microsoft Press. © 2003 by Douglas McConnaughey Boling. Reprinted here by permission of the author.

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