Using Playlists

Windows CE .NET

The Windows Media Player control provides support for processing playlists. Playlists consist of one or more entries in an Advanced Stream Redirector (.asx) or .m3u file specifying the location of individual media presentations. The presentation entries are called clips. The Windows Media Player control processes each clip in the playlist in sequence. The entire playlist of clips is referred to as a show.

The Windows Media Player control supports the following methods for accessing clips in a playlist:

  • The Next method skips to the next clip in the show.
  • The Previous method skips back to the previous clip in the show.

To display the control bar with position controls, set the ShowControls and ShowPositionControls properties to TRUE.

ASX files also support seamless stream switching, which minimizes buffering time and allows additional streamed content to begin playing almost immediately. For more information about ASX files, see the ASX Elements Reference.

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