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This message is sent by an application to retrieve a string from a list box.

LB_GETTEXT wParam = (WPARAM) index;
  lParam = (LPARAM)(LPCTSTR) lpszBuffer;


Zero-based index of the string to retrieve.
long pointer to the buffer to receive the string. The buffer must have sufficient space for the string and a terminating null character. An LB_GETTEXTLEN message can be sent before the LB_GETTEXT message to retrieve the length, in characters, of the string.

Return Values

The length of the string, in characters and excluding the terminating null character, indicates success. LB_ERR indicates that index does not specify a valid index.


If you create the list box with an owner-drawn style but without the LBS_HASSTRINGS style, the buffer pointed to by the lpszBuffer parameter will receive the 32-bit value associated with the item (the item data).


OS Versions: Windows CE 1.0 and later.
Header: Winuser.h.

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