Environment Variables

Windows CE .NET

An environment variable contains information about an aspect of the OS environment, such as a drive, path, or configuration string.

When you create an OS environment with Microsoft® Platform Builder, the IDE sets specific environment variables based on the platform settings you select.

After you complete the creation process, you can set or clear the environment variables from

  • A command prompt build window
  • A batch file
  • An application in the execution path
  • The IDE

    In the IDE, you can set or clear an environment variable in the Environment tab of the Platform Settings dialog box. You can also set the LOCALE and _FLATRELEASEDIR environment variables in the Locale and General tabs of the Platform Settings dialog box.

    For more information about using the Platform Settings dialog box, see Platform Customization.

The ROM Image Builder tool, Romimage.exe, uses a binary image builder (.bib) file to determine which modules and files to combine when forming the ROM image, and where to place the modules in memory.

The CESYSGEN flags, available for all OS configurations, also control the contents of an OS image.

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