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In a dependency line, specify zero or more dependents after a single colon (:) or a double colon (::), using any valid file name or pseudotargets. Separate multiple dependents with one or more spaces or tabs. Dependents are not case-sensitive. Paths are permitted with file names.

An inferred dependent is derived from an inference rule and is evaluated before explicit dependents. If an inferred dependent is out-of-date with respect to its target, Nmake.exe invokes the commands block for the dependency. If an inferred dependent does not exist or is out-of-date with respect to its own dependents, Nmake.exe first updates the inferred dependent.

The following example shows the syntax for specifying a dependent.


Nmake.exe looks for a dependent first in the current directory, and then in directories in the order specified in the dependency line. A macro can specify part or all of a search path. Enclose directory names in braces ({ }) and separate multiple directories with a semicolon (;). No spaces or tabs are allowed.

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