Configuring a Connection for Downloading and Debugging

Configuring a Connection for Downloading and Debugging

Windows CE .NET

With Platform Builder, you can configure settings that affect how an operating system (OS) image downloads to a target device and how Platform Builder communicates with the target device after the Windows CE OS boots.

To configure a connection for downloading and debugging

  1. From the Target menu, choose Configure Remote Connection.
  2. Choose the Services tab.
  3. In the Active named connection box, choose a named connection.
    Note   If a remote connection is already configured, the settings associated with the named connection appear in the Download box and the Kernel Transport box. If a named connection exists, verify that the settings are correct by continuing this procedure. For more information, see Connecting to a Device Over an Existing Named Connection
  4. In the Download box, choose a download service.
  5. To the right of the Download box, choose Configure.
  6. Configure the settings for the download service, and then choose OK.
  7. In the Kernel Transport box, choose a kernel transport.
  8. To the right of the Kernel Transport box, choose Configure.

    The kernel transport may not require configuration, or it may already be configured to use the same settings as the download service.

  9. If necessary, modify the settings for the kernel transport, and then choose OK.
  10. Choose OK.

For an Ethernet connection only, the development workstation and target device must be on the same subnet. Otherwise, you cannot connect to the target device or debug a Windows CE OS that resides on the target device.

If you use a serial connection to download an OS image to a CEPC, you cannot use an Ethernet connection with the KITL protocol to debug the Windows CE OS.

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