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This class provides access to internal graphics device interface (GDI) functions that you can use when drawing controls.

Method Description
Gdi::AbortDoc_I Stops the current print job.
Gdi::AddFontResourceW_I Adds the font resource from the specified file to the font table for Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET. Any Windows CE–based application can subsequently use the font for text output.
Gdi::BitBlt_I Transfers pixels from a specified source rectangle to a specified destination rectangle, altering the pixels according to the selected raster operation (ROP) code.
Gdi::CeRemoveFontResource_I Removes a font resource identified by a specified object identifier.
Gdi::CombineRgn_I Combines two regions and stores the result in a third region. The Gdi::CombineRgn_I method combines the two regions according to the specified mode.
Gdi::CreateBitmap_I Creates a bitmap with the specified width, height, and bit depth.
Gdi::CreateCompatibleBitmap_I Creates a bitmap compatible with the device associated with the specified device context.
Gdi::CreateCompatibleDC_I Creates a memory device context compatible with the specified device.
Gdi::CreateDCW_I Creates a device context for a device.
Gdi::CreateDIBPatternBrushPt_I Creates a logical brush that has the pattern specified by the device-independent bitmap (DIB).
Gdi::CreateFontIndirectW_I Creates a logical font that has the characteristics specified in the specified LOGFONT structure. You can subsequently select the font as the current font for any device context.
Gdi::CreatePalette_I Creates a logical color palette.
Gdi::CreatePatternBrush_I Creates a logical brush with the specified bitmap pattern.
Gdi::CreatePen_I Creates a logical pen that has the specified style, width, and color. You can subsequently select the pen into a device context and use the pen to draw lines and curves.
Gdi::CreatePenIndirect_I Creates a logical cosmetic pen that has the style, width, and color specified in the LOGPEN structure.
Gdi::CreatePermanentDIBSection Creates a device-independent bitmap (DIB) that applications can write to directly. The method returns a handle to the bitmap.
Gdi::CreateRectRgn_I Creates a rectangular region.
Gdi::CreateRectRgnIndirect_I Creates a rectangular region.
Gdi::CreateSolidBrush_I Creates a logical brush that has the specified solid color.
Gdi::DeleteDC_I Deletes the specified device context.
Gdi::DeleteObject_I Deletes a logical pen, brush, font, bitmap, region, or palette, freeing all system resources associated with the object. After Gdi::DeleteObject_I deletes the object, the specified handle is no longer valid.
Gdi::DibByteWidth Retrieves the number of bytes in each scan line. This value must be divisible by 2, because the operating system (OS) assumes that the bit values of a bitmap form an array that is word aligned.
Gdi::DibSize Retrieves the size, in bytes, of the image. This value can be zero for BI_RGB bitmaps.
Gdi::DrawEdge_I Draws one or more edges of a rectangle.
Gdi::DrawFocusRect_I Draws a rectangle in the style used to indicate that the rectangle has the focus.
Gdi::DrawTextW_I Draws formatted text in the specified rectangle, formatting the text according to the specified format method.
Gdi::Ellipse_I Draws an ellipse. The center of the ellipse is the center of the specified bounding rectangle. The ellipse is outlined by the currently selected pen and filled by the currently selected brush.
Gdi::EnableEUDC_I Enables or disables end-user-defined characters (EUDC).
Gdi::EndDoc_I Ends a print job.
Gdi::EndPage_I Informs the device that the application has finished writing to a page. An application typically uses this function to direct the device driver to advance to a new page.
Gdi::EnumDisplayMonitors_I Enumerates screens that intersect a region formed by the intersection of a specified clipping rectangle and the visible region of a specified device context.
Gdi::EnumFontFamiliesW_I Enumerates the fonts in a specified font family that are available on a specified device. This function supersedes the Gdi::EnumFontsW_I method.
Gdi::EnumFontsW_I Enumerates the fonts available on a specified device. This method is provided for compatibility with earlier versions of the Microsoft Windows SDK. Whenever possible, applications should use the Gdi::EnumFontFamiliesW_I method.
Gdi::ExcludeClipRect_I Creates a new clipping region that consists of the existing clipping region minus the specified rectangle.
Gdi::ExtEscape_I Allows applications to access capabilities of a particular device that are not available through the graphics display interface (GDI). The OEM must implement the device capabilities that this function accesses.
Gdi::ExtTextOutW_I Draws a character string by using the currently selected font. When you call this method, you may provide an optional rectangle to be used for clipping, opaquing, or both.
Gdi::FillRect_I Fills a rectangle using the specified brush. This method fills the left and top borders of the rectangle, but excludes the right and bottom borders.
Gdi::FillRgn_I Fills a region using the specified brush.
Gdi::GdiSetObjectOwner_I Changes the process that owns a GDI object.
Gdi::GetBkColor_I Returns the current background color for the specified device context.
Gdi::GetBkMode_I Returns the current background mix mode for a specified device context. The background mix mode of a device context affects text and dashed pens.
Gdi::GetClipBox_I Retrieves the dimensions of the tightest bounding rectangle that can be drawn around the current visible area on the device. The visible area is defined by the current clipping region as well as any overlapping windows.
Gdi::GetClipRgn_I Retrieves a handle identifying the current application-defined clipping region for the specified device context.
Gdi::GetCurrentObject_I Returns the currently selected object of the specified type.
Gdi::GetDeviceCaps_I Retrieves information about the capabilities of a specified device.
Gdi::GetMonitorInfo_I Retrieves information about a screen.
Gdi::GetNearestColor_I Returns the system palette color that will be displayed when the specified color value is used.
Gdi::GetNearestPaletteIndex_I Retrieves the index for the entry in the specified logical palette that most closely matches a specified color value.
Gdi::GetObjectType_I Returns the type of the specified object.
Gdi::GetObjectW_I Obtains information about a specified graphics object. Depending on the graphics object, the method places a filled-in BITMAP, DIBSECTION, LOGBRUSH, LOGFONT, or LOGPEN structure into a specified buffer.
Gdi::GetPaletteEntries_I Retrieves a specified range of palette entries from the specified logical palette.
Gdi::GetPixel_I Retrieves the red, green, blue (RGB) color value of the pixel at the specified coordinates.
Gdi::GetRegionData_I Fills the specified buffer with data describing a region. This data includes the dimensions of the rectangles that make up the region.
Gdi::GetRgnBox_I Retrieves the bounding rectangle of the specified region.
Gdi::GetSysColorBrush_I Retrieves a handle identifying a logical brush that corresponds to the specified color index.
Gdi::GetSystemPaletteEntries_I Retrieves a range of palette entries from the system palette associated with the specified device context.
Gdi::GetTextColor_I Retrieves the current text color for the specified device context.
Gdi::GetTextExtentExPointW_I Retrieves the number of characters in a specified string that fit within a specified space and fills an array with the text extent for each of those characters. A text extent is the distance between the beginning of the space and a character that will fit in the space.
Gdi::GetTextFaceW_I Retrieves the typeface name of the font that is selected into the specified device context.
Gdi::GetTextMetricsW_I Fills the specified buffer with the metrics for the currently selected font.
Gdi::IntersectClipRect_I Creates a new clipping region from the intersection of the current clipping region and the specified rectangle.
Gdi::InvertRect_I Inverts a rectangle in a window by performing a logical NOT operation on the color values for each pixel in the interior of the rectangle.
Gdi::MaskBlt_I Combines the color data for the source and destination bitmaps using the specified mask and raster operation.
Gdi::MonitorFromPoint_I Retrieves a handle to the screen that contains a specified point.
Gdi::MonitorFromRect_I Retrieves a handle to the screen that has the largest area of intersection with a specified rectangle.
Gdi::MonitorFromWindow_I Retrieves a handle to the screen that has the largest area of intersection with the bounding rectangle of a specified window.
Gdi::OffsetRgn_I Moves a region by the specified offsets.
Gdi::PatBlt_I Paints the given rectangle using the brush that is currently selected into the specified device context. The brush pixels and the surface pixels are combined according to the specified raster operation.
Gdi::Polygon_I Draws a polygon consisting of two or more vertices connected by straight lines. The current pen outlines the polygon, and the current brush fills the polygon using the specified polygon fill mode.
Gdi::Polyline_I Draws a series of line segments by connecting the points in the specified array.
Gdi::PtInRegion_I Determines whether the specified point is inside the specified region.
Gdi::RealizePalette_I Maps palette entries from the current logical palette to the system palette.
Gdi::Rectangle_I Draws a rectangle. The current pen outlines the rectangle and the current brush fills the rectangle.
Gdi::RectInRegion_I Determines whether any part of the specified rectangle is within the boundaries of a region.
Gdi::RectVisible_I Determines whether any part of the specified rectangle lies within the clipping region of the specified device context.
Gdi::RemoveFontResourceW_I Removes the fonts in the specified file from the Windows CE font table.
Gdi::RestoreDC_I Restores a device context to the specified state. The device context is restored by popping state information off a stack created by earlier calls to the Gdi::SaveDC_I method.
Gdi::RoundRect_I Draws a rectangle with rounded corners. The current pen outlines the rectangle and the current brush fills the rectangle.
Gdi::SaveDC_I Saves the current state of the specified device context by copying data describing selected objects and graphic modes, such as the bitmap, brush, palette, font, pen, region, and drawing mode, to a context stack.
Gdi::ScrollDC_I Scrolls a rectangle of bits horizontally and vertically.
Gdi::SelectClipRgn_I Selects a region as the current clipping region for the specified device context.
Gdi::SelectObject_I Selects an object into a specified device context. The new object replaces the previous object of the same type.
Gdi::SelectPalette_I Selects the specified logical palette into a device context.
Gdi::SetAbortProc_I Sets the application-defined function that allows a print job to be canceled during printing.
Gdi::SetBkColor_I Sets the current background color to the specified color. If the device cannot represent the specified color, the device sets the background color to the nearest physical color.
Gdi::SetBkMode_I Sets the background mix mode of the specified device context. The background mix mode is used with text, hatched brushes, and with nonsolid pen styles.
Gdi::SetBrushOrgEx_I Called by an application to set the brush origin of the next brush selected into the specified device context.
Gdi::SetPaletteEntries_I Sets RGB (red, green and blue) color values and flags in a range of entries in a logical palette.
Gdi::SetPixel_I Sets the pixel at the specified coordinates to the specified color.
Gdi::SetRectRgn_I Changes a region into a rectangular region with the specified coordinates.
Gdi::SetROP2_I Sets the current foreground mix mode. GDI uses the foreground mix mode to combine pens and interiors of filled objects with the colors already on the screen. The foreground mix mode defines how colors from the brush or pen are combined with the colors in the existing image.
Gdi::SetTextColor_I Sets the text color of the specified device context to the specified color.
Gdi::SetViewportOrgEx_I Sets the viewpoint origin of a device context to the specified coordinates.
Gdi::StartDocW_I Starts a print job.
Gdi::StartPage_I Prepares the printer driver to accept data.
Gdi::StretchBlt_I Copies a bitmap from a source rectangle into a destination rectangle, stretching or compressing the bitmap to fit the dimensions of the destination rectangle, if necessary. Windows CE stretches or compresses the bitmap according to the stretching mode set in the destination device context.
Gdi::TranslateCharsetInfo_I Translates based on the specified character set, code page, or font signature value, setting all members of the destination structure to appropriate values.
Gdi::TransparentImage_I Transfers a bitmap, omitting the portions drawn in a specified color.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Gdi.hpp.

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