Tutorial Step 6: Creating an OS Design (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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After adding your item to the Catalog, you can add the item to an OS design.

The following procedure shows how to create a basic OS design from the Internet Appliance design template.

If you have already created an OS design, skip to Tutorial Step 7: Adding the Catalog Item to the OS Design.

To create an OS design

  1. From the Platform Builder File menu, choose New Platform.
  2. Choose Next.
  3. In the Platform Name box, type SampleOSDesign and choose Next.
  4. In the Available BSPs list, select EMULATOR: X86 and choose Next.
  5. In the Platform Configuration list, select Internet Appliance and choose Finish.
  6. Close the New Platform Wizard by choosing Finish.

    You have created a basic OS design.

You can now add your Catalog item to the OS design.

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