Tutorial Step 2: Adding an Implementation (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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After creating a Catalog item (.cec) file for a Catalog item, you must add information to the .cec file that describes the item.

In this step you learn how to use the CEC Editor to add the implementation information that defines an instance of an item type.

To add an implementation

  1. In the left pane of the CEC Editor window, navigate to Catalog\Third Party\New Item and select My Catalog Item Group.
  2. From the Insert menu, choose Catalog Item.

    The Insert Catalog Item dialog box appears.

  3. Choose the General tab; then in the Name box, type My Catalog Item.
  4. In the Description box, type This is a sample item in the My Catalog item Group group.
  5. Choose the Compatibility tab and select the CPU you want to support your Catalog item on.
  6. Apply your changes by choosing OK.
  7. Save the changes you made in the .cec file you created by, from the File menu, choosing Save.

    You have added an implementation to the .cec file for your Catalog item.

You can now add a build method.

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