IConMan (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This interface creates a connection to the COM server for the Core Connectivity datastore.


The following table shows the methods defined in the IConman interface. Like all COM interfaces, this interface inherits from IUnknown.

IConman::SetLocaleSets the locale for the datastore.
IConman::SetRegistryRootSets the registry root on the target machine.
IConman::CreateNewServerGuidMaps a new target device endpoint to a server GUID in the cache.
IConman::GetServerGuidInfoRetrieves an endpoint from a given GUID.
IConman::GetServerFromServerGuidRetrieves a pointer to the server object interface used for connection to the datastore.
IConman::GetDeviceFromServerGuidRetrieves a pointer to the device object interface, given the GUID of the server.
IConman::EnumerateServerGuidsEnumerates the GUIDs of servers with active connections that are currently cached by the conman server.
IConman::get_DatastoreRetrieves a pointer to the datastore object interface.

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