How to Create a Mobile Phone

Windows CE .NET

The Mobile Phone configuration provides a starting point for mobile devices using wireless data communications. To create a platform configuration for a Microsoft Windows CE-based mobile handset, you can use the New Platform Wizard, or you can build a custom platform by manually selecting the necessary components.

Because the Mobile Phone configuration targets a specific form factor, you can use the Emulator included with Platform Builder to view and test your new image. For more information, see Mobile Handheld Configuration.

Hardware and Software Assumptions

  • Your Platform Builder installation includes the Emulator: X86 board support package (BSP). For more information, see Creating an Emulator-Compatible Platform.
  • Your test hardware includes a serial port-based phone device. To test the complete functionality your Mobile Phone configuration provides, you must include a test device capable of testing functionality such as wireless telephony, and voice and data communications. For more information, see Writing to a Serial Port.

To track your progress in the following table, select the check box next to each step.

  Step Topic
1. Create a platform for the Mobile Phone. The following list shows the choices to make:
  • When you choose a BSP, select Emulator: X86.
  • When you choose a configuration, choose Mobile Phone.
Creating a Platform
2. Create a telephony service provider interface (TSPI) for the phone device.

For sample TSPI code, navigate to the following location in your Platform Builder installation directory:


Telephony Service Provider Interface
3. Create an NDISWAN driver for the phone device.

Create this driver to provide wireless WAN support for your phone device. For NDIS driver sample code, see NDIS and RNDIS Driver Samples.

NDIS Driver Implementation Guide
4. Customize the user interface for your phone device. Customizing the User Interface
5. Prepare to build the Mobile Phone. Preparing to Build a Project
6. Build the platform for the Emulator.
  • From the Set Active Configuration dialog box, choose <Platform Name> - EMULATOR: X86 Win32 (WCE emulator) Debug.
Building a Platform
7. Download the OS image to the Emulator.

If you use the Emulator to test your configuration, the following list shows the choices to make:

  • In the Configure Emulator Download Service dialog box, choose Skin File.
  • Click the Browse button, select the Phone folder, and then select the Phone.xml schema.
Downloading an OS Image to the Emulator
8. Download the OS image to the serial device. Serial Download Service

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