How to Use the BSP for the AMD DBAu1000 Development Board (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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You can use the sample board support package (BSP) provided by Microsoft® Windows® CE for the AMD DBAu1000 Development Board to quickly evaluate Windows CE operating system (OS) features.

For more information about the sample BSPs included in Microsoft Platform Builder for MIPS microprocessors, see MIPS BSPs.

Hardware and Software Assumptions

  • You included support for MIPS II microprocessors when you installed Platform Builder.

    If you did not, reinstall Platform Builder and include MIPS II microprocessor support.

  • You are downloading a Windows CE run-time image to an AMD DBAu1000 Development Board.

To track your progress in the following table, select the check box next to each step.

1. From the New Platform Wizard, select support for MIPS II microprocessors.Creating an OS Design
2. Review the supported hardware and software features on the standard development board (SDB) and familiarize yourself with limitations that might affect your run-time image on the SDB.

An SDB is a hardware development system with which you can develop and test your OS design using a wide range of processors and peripherals. For more information, see Standard Development Board Design.

AMD DBAu1000 Development Board Supported Features
3. Set up the SDB.Setting up the AMD DBAu1000 Development Board Hardware
4. Modify the switch and jumper settings on the SDB.Modifying the AMD DBAu1000 Development Board Switches and Jumpers
5. Configure the Microsoft HyperTerminal application to receive debug messages.Configuring HyperTerminal for BSPs
6. Build the run-time image.Building a Run-Time Image
7. Download the Ethernet boot loader to the SDB.Downloading the Boot Loader to the AMD DBAu1000 Development Board
8. Download the run-time image to the SDB.Downloading the Run-Time Image to the AMD DBAu1000 Development Board

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