How to Migrate a Board Support Package to Windows CE 5.0

Windows CE 5.0
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If you want your board support package (BSP) to be fully compatible with Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0, but you are not creating a new BSP, you must migrate or update your existing BSP to Windows CE 5.0. To build your BSP correctly during the migration process, you must make specific changes to your BSP sources.

If you want to create a BSP for Windows CE 5.0, see How to Create a Board Support Package.

To track your progress in the following table, select the check box next to each step.

1. Determine what BSPs are new, supported, and no longer supported in Windows CE 5.0.BSP Migration
2. Update the boot loader.Boot Loader Migration
3. Migrate or update the OEM adaptation layer (OAL).OAL Migration
4. Update the Windows CE kernel.Kernel Migration
5. Migrate or update the device drivers.Migrating a Device Driver

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