How to Develop an Application for a CEPC (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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With Platform Builder, you can develop custom applications and include them in your run-time image. Typically, you add an application to a run-time image toward the end of the platform development process. The features, modules, and components in your run-time image determine the application programming interfaces (APIs) that you can use in your application.

In order to present a fully functional end-to-end process, the following steps show you how to develop a Hello World application for a CEPC. You can apply the steps, however, to all hardware platforms and applications.

Hardware and Software Assumptions

To track your progress in the following table, select the check box next to each step.

1. Create an OS design.
  • In step 3 of the New Platform Wizard, choose the CEPC: x86 BSP.
  • In the New Platform Wizard, choose a design template that includes the features your application requires, or choose these features explicitly while proceeding through the Wizard. You may need a Command Processor, a Console Window, a Graphical Shell, and so on.
  • Choose other features for your OS design such as Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, and then complete the New Platform Wizard.
Creating an OS Design
2. Build your run-time image to generate the header files and dynamic-link libraries (DLLs).Building a Run-Time Image
3. Develop an application using APIs that your run-time image supports.

For information about the APIs that your run-time image supports, see Windows CE Features and view the documentation for the features in your run-time image.

Configuring a Hello World Application
4. Build the application.
  • In the Workspace window, choose the FileView tab, select your project, and then from the Build Project menu, choose Build.

MyProject.exe is the name you assigned to the application project.

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5. Build the run-time image.
  • Before building the run-time image, in the Workspace window, choose the FeatureView tab, which is on the far left in the Workspace window.
Building a Run-Time Image
6. Download the run-time image.Downloading a Run-Time Image
7. Run the application on the CEPC.
  • From the Platform Builder Target menu, choose Run Programs, choose MyProject.exe, and then choose OK.
Not applicable.

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