Japanese IME 3.1 Dictionary Compiler (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Japanese IME 3.1 provides a dictionary compiler that converts formatted text files into binary IME dictionary files. The following list shows the dictionary compiler files that are required to create an add-on dictionary:

  • Makedict.exe
  • Maketrie.exe
  • Readindex2.exe

The compiler files are located in the %_WINCEROOT%\Public\Common\Oak\Drivers\Imejpn\Dicmake\Bin directory on your development workstation.

To create a dictionary file, first create a dictionary source file and then convert it to the IME 3.1 dictionary file format. The dictionary source file for IME 3.1 consists of a text file in Unicode format. The dictionary compiler reads the source file and converts it to IME 3.1 dictionary format.

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