Other OAL Functions (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The following table shows other OAL functions.

Programming elementDescription
FileSystemPowerFunctionThis function initiates a power up or down sequence for all loaded file system drivers.
GwesPowerOffSystemThis function initiates a power–down or suspend state. It is called by an OEM.
InitPubKeyThis function initializes a public key to be used for signature verification.
KLocalFileTimeToFileTimeThis function converts a local file time to a file time based on the Universal Time Coordinate (UTC).
LoadKernelLibraryThis function loads a DLL into the kernel's address space.
lpReadDebugByteFuncThis function points to the OEMReadDebugByte function by default. It is defined in the kernel.
lpWriteDebugByteFuncThis function points to the OEMWriteDebugByte function by default. It is defined in the kernel.
lpWriteDebugStringFuncThis function points to the OEMWriteDebugString function by default. It is defined in the kernel.
NKIsSysIntrValidThis function determines if a particular interrupt identifier, or SYSINTR, value is valid
NKrdmsrThis function puts the CPU into ring 0, if it is not already there. It is a C wrapper function for the x86 RDMSR instruction.
NKRegCreateKeyExThis function creates a specified key. If the key already exists in the registry, the function opens it.
NKRegCloseKeyThis function releases the handle of the specified key.
NKRegOpenKeyExThis function opens the specified key.
NKRegQueryValueExThis function retrieves the type and data for a specified value name associated with an open registry key.
NKRegSetValueExThis function stores data in the value field of an open registry key. It can also set additional value and type information for the specified key.
NKSetDataAbortHandlerThis function replaces the default abort handler on an ARM built OS. It is used by OEMs.
NKVirtualSetAttributesThis function changes the per-page attributes for a range of virtual memory, which is usually copied from a physical location not known to the kernel. It is used by driver developers.
NKwrmsrThis function puts the CPU into ring 0, if it is not already there. It is a C wrapper function for the x86 WRMSR instruction.
NotifyWinUserSystemThis function notifies the system that a system setting was changed.
PFN_AllocHeapMemThis function allocates heaps. It is a custom function.
PFN_EnumProcThis function enumerates a device name..
PFN_FreeHeapMemThis function deallocates heaps. It is a custom function.
PFN_KITLTIMERCBThis function is called when a KitlSetTimerCallback registered timer expires.
PowerOffSystemThis function calls the kernel to do the final power–down steps before suspending the device.
SetCleanRebootFlagThis function resets the object store when a device resets.
SetOOMEventThis function enables enhanced memory management features of Windows CE.
VirtualSetPageFlagsThis function maps the VSPF_* flags to SH4 virtual page attribute flags and sets the flags for all the pages in the range specified by the lpvAddres and cbSize parameters.

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