Internet Services

Windows CE 3.0

This section contains the following information on Internet Services for Windows CE:

  • Internet Connections: The Windows CE Internet API (WinInet), is an API used for Internet client application development. The Wininet.dll module exports WinInet functions used to develop Internet applications like Web browsers and FTP applications.
  • Windows CE Web Server: The Web server provides a way to serve hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) documents to an intranet or the Internet. The Web server applications run on a Windows CE-based computer, sending Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) pages to a requesting browser. HTML pages can contain plain HTML, Active Server scripts, Internet Service extensions, and Internet Service filters.
  • Sample Windows CE Telnet Server: This release of the Windows CE operating system includes a sample telnet server (also referred to as telnetd) which can be installed on Windows CE devices to allow remote administration through a standard telnet client.

    Using the telnet sample, you can alter Windows CE exactly as if you were running the command prompt (cmd.exe) on the device itself. For example, this can be an extremely convenient way to administer Windows CE devices that do not have displays. You can use any of the built-in commands for cmd.exe when running telnet, such as copy, del, and dir. You can also run any executable program that does not create a Windowed UI through a telnet client.

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