Setting Up the Renesas US7750R HARP (Aspen) SDB Hardware (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Use the following steps to connect the Renesas US7750R HARP (Aspen) SDB to a development workstation.

To set up the Renesas US7750R HARP (Aspen) SDB hardware

  1. On the Aspen SDB, detach the Tahoe board.
  2. Connect a 25-pin ribbon cable to the CN4 connector so that pin 1 is near the Dbg Ser port.

    You can identify pin 1 by the red stripe on the 25-pin ribbon cable.

  3. Attach the power supply and reattach the Tahoe board.
  4. If you use the MQ200 display card, be sure switch S1 on the card is set to the Down position; otherwise, the MQ200 will not function correctly.
  5. On the development workstation, connect a serial port to the Aspen SDB debug serial port; then set the baud rate to 57600.

    The debug serial port is on the front panel and is labeled Dbg Ser.

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