OEM Boot Loader Output for the Renesas US7750R HARP (Aspen) SDB

OEM Boot Loader Output for the Renesas US7750R HARP (Aspen) SDB (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This is the output for the OEM boot loader:

Cold Reset 0x0
Aspen SH4 Monitor 5.08
Hitachi Semiconductor (America), Inc.
Little-endian Boot from ROM at Cold Start at 0x0FFE0E00

If you type a ? at the DMON> prompt, you see the following.

   <register name> [<data>]    - Set register
   R                           - Display Registers
   yzba                        - Set MAC address
   A       <start adr>         - Assemble
   C       <range> <dest adr>  - Copy memory
   D<type> <range>             - Display memory
   DA      <start addr>        - Disassemble
   F<type> <range> <data>      - Fill Memory
   M<type> <start adr>         - Modify memory
   EF                          - Erase Flash
   B  <adr> [<count>]          - Set PC breakpoints
   B                           - Display breakpoints
   B  - [<adr>]                - Cancel breakpoints
   G  [<start adr>]            - Go
   S  [<count> [<start adr>]]  - Single Step
   SO                          - Step over
[space to continue help]
   SCCR <value>                - Set Cache Control Register
   SB 0|1 <rate>               - Set baud rate
   SC 0|1                      - Set console
   TM <addr> <mask>            - Test all values at address <value>
   LE   [<offset>|0xAC000000]  - Load from ethernet
   L    [<offset>|0xAC000000]  - Load from serial
   LP   [<offset>|0xAC000000]  - Load from parallel
   PPSH [<offset>|0xAC000000]  - Parallel download from PPSH
   LS                          - Load status (view)
   P   [<offset>]              - Program flash with data from last Load cmd
   SV  <range>                 - Save file
   RS                          - Reset
   ST                          - Status
   BT                          - Branch Trace

<type> = B | W | L | A
<range> = <addr> @ <length> 
        | <addr_from> ... <addr_to>
        | <addr_from> <val>     - length if val <= addr_from
                                - addr_to if val > addr_from
binary operators: + * / % & | ^, unary operator: ~ 
[] signifies optional syntax


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