NEC Solution Gear 2-Vr4131 Development Kit Supported Features (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The following table shows the hardware components that are supported in the board support package (BSP) for the NEC Solution Gear 2-Vr4131 Development Kit for Vr4131 microprocessors.

Hardware componentSolution Gear 2-Vr4131 hardware supportSolution Gear 2-Vr4131 BSP support
RAM128 MBRAM image
Flash32 MB Intel DA28F640J5Yes
Boot ROM512 KBNot applicable
Real-time clockYesYes
VGAPCI cardAll supported PCI video cards
EthernetBuilt-in AMD AM79C973Debug and Product Ethernet through all supported PCI Ethernet cards
Serial2Yes. The top one is for debug messages and the bottom one is for product serial.
PCMCIA or CFPCI cardTI1250
Hardware reset through a cold bootYesYes
Hardware reset through a warm bootYesYes
Software reset through a warm bootNot applicableYes
Touch controllerNoNo
Universal serial bus (USB) hostPCI card and built-in OHCI controllerYes
USB functionPCI card (Netchip 2890)Yes
Serial Infrared (SIR)YesYes
Fast Infrared (FIR)YesNo
Audio outputPCI cardYes
Audio inputPCI cardYes
Parallel port for printing1Yes
Integrated Device Electronics (IDE)1Hard disk drives (HDDs) only, no CD-ROM drives
Smart cardUSB and PCMCIA ReadersNot tested
IEEE 1394PCI cardYes
Floppy diskNoNo
TV outputPCI cardYes
Floating point unitNoNo
Expansion connectorPCI and compact PCIYes
PCI slots4Yes
Compact PCI or PCI extenderBoth (Use PCI4 slot for extender)Yes
Logic analyzer probesYesYes
IEEE 1149.1-compliant (JTAG)YesYes
Debug LEDsYesYes
Companion or add-on cardsVr4131Yes
Form factorCustomNot applicable

NEC Solution Gear 2-Vr4131 Development Kit Hardware Restrictions and Limitations

Keep in mind the following NEC Solution Gear 2-Vr4131 Development Kit restrictions and limitations:

  • The PCI INTC routed through the ALI M1535+ chip on the baseboard does not work properly. The PCI card using this interrupt will not work. This situation occurs only with a special card or when the PCI extension box is used, because the interrupt is not attached to the PCI INTA signal on a baseboard PCI slot.

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