Configuring the Connection to a Target Device Using Platform Manager (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The following procedure sets the properties for a Platform Manager device.

To configure the connection to a target device using Platform Manager

  1. From the Tools menu, choose any remote tool.
  2. If the Select a Windows CE Device dialog box appears, choose Cancel.
  3. From the Connection menu of the remote tool window, choose Configure Windows CE Platform Manager.
  4. Expand the Windows CE Default Platform node.

    - or -

    Expand the node for the devices that you want to configure.

  5. Select Default Device, and then choose Properties.

    - or -

    If you created a device, select the entry for your device, and then choose Properties.

  6. In the Transport box, choose a transport, and then choose Configure.

    If you choose KITL Transport for Windows CE, you cannot establish a connection from a remote tool to a target device if the run-time image on the target device uses an underlying polled transport. An example of a run-time image that uses a polled transport is a run-time image built from the BSP that supports the discontinued Intel SA1110/SA1111 (Assabet) Development Kit. In this situation, you must instead choose TCP/IP Transport for Windows CE. For information about the TCP/IP transport, see TCP/IP Transport.

  7. Customize the settings for the transport, and then choose OK.
  8. In the Startup Server box, choose a startup server, and then choose Configure.
  9. Customize the settings for the startup server, and then choose OK.
  10. Choose OK.

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