ICS Web-based Configuration Utility

Windows CE .NET

A supplied Web-based sample network configuration utility provides a user-friendly interface for administration of the NAT and ICS features. This utility uses a Web server to allow for remote configuration of a gateway. The Web-based network configuration utility is located in %_WINCEROOT%\Public\Servers\Sdk\Samples\Natadmin. Authentication may be required to load the administration utility program, depending on the Web server configuration.

The utility's interface allows for implementation of all of the most common administration functions. To invoke the application, type http://<computer name>/networkadmin or http://<ip address>/networkadmin in a browser window from a development workstation on the private side of the gateway.

This utility is included for easier device initialization during development and as a sample to show one possible way to enable device configuration. Because it does not require a user interface or display on the device itself, the utility's sample can be particularly useful on headless devices. However, the sample is not the only way to enable device configuration. Other options, such as administration utilities and control panels on the device itself, may be appropriate depending on the device. It is important to determine the appropriate mechanism for each device and implement a user interface accordingly.

Note   Even if a Web-based configuration utility is desired, the sample provided must be updated or replaced because the source code is intended only as an example of how these settings can be implemented. This particular sample may not contain sufficient error checking or security for actual deployment on a retail device.

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