Adding a Custom Test to the CETK (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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You can use the User-Defined Test Wizard to add a custom test module to the CETK.

Note   If you created a custom test for the CETK tool that was included with a previous version of Windows CE, you must recompile the test, and then add the test to the CETK with the User-Defined Test Wizard.

To add a custom test to the CETK

  1. Build a module for your custom test.

    For information about building a module for your custom test, see Building a Tux DLL with Platform Builder or Building a Tux DLL From the Command Line.

  2. In the Windows CE Test Kit window, from the Tests menu, choose User defined.
  3. Choose Next.
  4. Choose Add a New Test, and then choose Next.
  5. From the Test Kit box, choose the test kit to which you want to add your custom test.
  6. In the Name of Test box, type the name for your custom test as you want the name to appear in the Windows CE Test Kit window.
  7. In the TUX Module (DLL) box, type the file name of the module for your custom test.

    - or -

    Choose Browse, navigate to the file for the module, and then choose Open.

  8. In the Command Line box, type the default command line for your custom test.
  9. In the Processor box, choose the CPU architecture that your test supports, and then choose Next.
  10. If your custom test requires files in addition to the DLL that you specified, complete the following steps:
    1. Select the Test requires additional support files check box, and then choose Next.
    2. For each file that your custom test requires, choose Add, navigate to and then select the file, and then choose Open.
  11. Choose Next.
  12. To copy the files for the custom test to <Platform Builder installation path>\Cepb\Wcetk\User\<CPU>, choose Copy the files to the directory for user-defined tests.

    - or -

    To leave the files for the custom test at the current location, choose Leave the files at the current location.

  13. Choose Next, choose Next, and then choose Finish.
  14. In the tree-view control in the Windows CE Test Kit window, right-click on the target device name, and then choose Redetect Peripherals.

    Your custom test appears under the User Tests node.

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