Renesas US7750R HARP (Aspen) SDB Supported Features (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The following table shows hardware components that are supported in the board support package (BSP) for the Renesas US7750R HARP (Aspen) SDB. This SDB uses the SH4 microprocessor.

Hardware componentSH4 hardware supportSH4 BSP support
RAM32 MBRAM image
Flash32 MB Intel DA28F640J5Yes
Boot ROMNoNot applicable
Real-time clockYesYes
EthernetSMC91c100Debug Ethernet card
Note   The mouse wheel is not supported.
Hardware reset through a cold bootYesYes
Hardware reset through a warm bootYesYes
Software reset through a warm bootNot applicableYes
Touch controllerNoNot applicable
USB host2 open host controller (OHC) interfaceHuman interface device (HID)
USB functionNoNot applicable
Serial Infrared (SIR)YesYes
Fast Infrared (FIR)FIR headerYes
Audio outputYesYes
Audio inputYesYes
Parallel for printing1Yes
IDE deviceNoNo
Smart cardNoNo
IEEE 1394NoNo
Floppy diskNoNo
TV outputNoNo
Floating point unitYesYes
Expansion connectorProprietary, compact PCINo
PCI slots00
Compact PCI or PCI extenderHARPNo
Logic analyzer probesYesYes
Debug LEDsYesYes
Companion or add-on cardsTahoe HD64465Yes
Form factorCustomNot applicable

Renesas US7750R HARP (Aspen) SDB Hardware Restrictions and Limitations

The following limitations are related to hardware issues on the Renesas US7750R HARP (Aspen) Development Board.

  • If you are using the MQ200 display card, be sure switch S1 on the MQ200 is set to the Down position or the MQ200 will not function correctly.
  • The PS/2 mouse has some known failures on the Aspen (SH4) BSP. To avoid this problem, use a USB mouse on these SDBs.

    Because the Renesas boards only support low-speed asynchronous communication, you can only use the USB mouse and keyboard to boot a Windows CE device.

  • The keyboard driver does not support keyboard status lights (CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, SCROLL LOCK), so these lights are disabled in the driver.
  • There is a known hardware limitation on the USB port on the Renesas SDBs.

    The onboard USB controller hardware on Renesas SDB platforms restricts how much data can be presented to the controller at one time. This limits the usable USB bandwidth and imposes limitations on the support for various types of USB devices on this SDB.

    Given this limitation, Microsoft has done only limited testing of USB device on these Renesas SDBs. If you need full support for all types of USB devices, consider using a PCI-bus extender and an external USB controller.

  • The PCI bus-mastering functionality is not available on the Renesas SH4 Aspen SDB. Consequently, it is impossible to test key multimedia features like DVD and Direct3D, which require the use of PCI devices on the SH4 Aspen SDB.

    The only available workaround is to use a different SDB from a third-party SDB manufacturer. For recommendations, contact Renesas.

  • The audio driver on these development boards does not support full-duplex mode.

    To have a real-time communications voice over IP (VoIP) session, an OEM or an application developer should implement half-duplex communication support over the existing audio driver. Because the audio driver is not a low-latency driver, there are delays in voice communication.

  • The onboard IrDA hardware on the Renesas development boards supports Fast IR; however, because of performance problems with the IrDA driver, the throughput rate is significantly slower than the Fast IR transfer rate. There might also be interoperability issues with standard serial IrDA.
  • In Windows CE 5.0, when the BSP for the Aspen SDB is configured for a release build of Enterprise Web Pad with Applications, the build runs slowly due to insufficient memory.

    To resolve this issue, update the Config.bib file to take advantage of the full 64 MB of RAM available in the Aspen SDB.

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