Creating a Boot Disk for the National Geode SP4SC30 (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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In order to download a run-time image to the National Geode SP4SC30 Development Platform, you must create a DOS-formatted boot disk containing LoadCEPC.exe, Eboot.bin, AutoExec.bat, and other files. You may need to alter AutoExec.bat for your specific configuration. With the National Geode SP4SC30 Development Platform, you need to have to use a properly formatted CF card as the boot disk.

If you are using a new CF card or if your CF card contents become corrupted, you will need to format the CF card. To format the CF card, you must have access to a development workstation that has a CF card reader you can access from an MS-DOS boot disk, and that can format a bootable FAT partition by copying over the MS-DOS system files. Another option is to add a floppy drive to the National Semiconductor Geode SP4SC30, boot from a MS-DOS diskette, and then format the CF card, which appears as a fixed disk to MS-DOS.

To create a boot disk for the National Geode SP4SC30 Development Platform

  1. Format the CF card with the MS-DOS startup disk files.
  2. Configure the boot disk.

    For more information, see Creating a Boot Floppy Disk for an x86 SDB.

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