How to Bring Up a Device by Cloning a BSP

Windows CE .NET

After you have designed and developed the standard development board (SDB) or target device you will use to create a Windows CE .NET-based device, you must bring up the SDB or target device. You must complete the device bring up process before you add more functionality to your new platform. To bring up an SDB or target device, you must develop the platform code necessary to initialize the new platform on your SDB or target device.

You can bring up a device two different ways: you can either clone an existing board support package (BSP) using the Platform Builder IDE, or you can create a new BSP from the beginning. When you clone a BSP, you create a copy of all the files from the existing BSP you have chosen, and you create a copy of all the .cec descriptions for the new BSP. For information on how to bring up a device by creating a BSP from the beginning, see How to Bring Up a Device by Creating a New BSP.

If you do not have an SDB, and you want to design your own to develop and test your platform, see Standard Development Board Design.

Hardware and Software Assumptions

  • You have tested the hardware and other peripherals on your SDB or target device.
  • Your Platform Builder installation includes BSP support that closely matches your SDB and CPU peripherals. For more information about supported BSPs, see Supported Board Support Packages.

To track your progress in the following table, select the check box next to each step.

  Step Topic
1. Use the BSP Wizard to create a new BSP by cloning an existing BSP and add the cloned BSP to the Platform Builder Catalog. Cloning an Existing BSP
2. Use the BSP Wizard to add device drivers for your new BSP.

This step is reiterative. You can add as many device drivers as you need, so that specific peripheral hardware devices can work with the Windows CE operating system (OS).

Adding a Driver to an Existing BSP
3. Use the Export Wizard to export your new BSP, so that other Platform Builder users can use the BSP.

The Export Wizard packages all the BSP files into an .msi file. Other Platform Builder users can then easily import the .msi file into a Platform Builder project. For more information about the Export Wizard, see Export Wizard.

Microsoft recommends that BSP vendors complete this step. For OEMs, this step is optional.

Exporting Features from the Catalog

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