Core Connectivity Reference (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The Core Connectivity infrastructure provides the basic components required for connectivity between a desktop and a Windows CE-based device. Higher-level APIs expose basic connectivity such as downloading files to device, launching applications remotely, and accessing resources on a target device. In addition, a common set of interfaces enables developers to add custom service implementations.

In This Section

Core Connectivity Interfaces
Provides detailed reference information about the methods and properties that enable connectivity between a target device and a desktop development workstation.
Core Connectivity Structures
Provides detailed information about the structures that describe information used by the Core Connectivity interfaces.
Core Connectivity Enumerations
Provide detailed descriptions of the values used in Core Connectivity structures and interfaces.

Related Sections

Core Connectivity Overview
Provides overview descriptions of the Core Connectivity infrastructure.
Kernel Independent Transport Layer
Describes the kernel transport layer that supports debugging services.

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