New Platform Builder Features in Windows CE .NET 4.0 and 4.1

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The following features were added to Platform Builder in versions 4.0 and 4.1. For more information, see What's New. For information about operating system additions, see New Features in Windows CE .NET 4.0 and New Features in Windows CE .NET 4.1.

Feature Version added Description
Add-in Wizard 4.1 Used to extend the Platform Builder IDE by customizing it for partners and third-party vendors. The Add-in Wizard creates the sources files for an add-in. Each add-in adds a toolbar and related commands to the Platform Builder IDE. For more information, see Creating Add-ins with the Add-in Wizard.
Automatic dependency checking 4.0 Automatically imports additional features required to support features selected by the platform developer.
BIB Info Tab 4.0 Used to add additional files and select attributes for these files. For more information, see BIB Info Tab.
BSP Wizard 4.0 Used to create a board support package. It automatically generates a .cec file for your BSP, copies your BSP files to the appropriate location, and imports your new .cec file into the Catalog. For more information, see BSP Wizard.
CAB Wizard 4.1 Uses .inf files that you write to create .cab files for installing device drivers and applications. For more information, see CAB Wizard Overview.
CEC Editor 4.0 Used to create and edit .cec files. For more information, see CEC Editor Tool.
Combined workspace views 4.0 Combines the Project Workspace with the Platform Workspace to provide a simple interface to all active projects and platforms at once. For more information, see Workspace Window.
Emulator 4.0, 4.1 Software emulator for prototyping Windows CE-based platforms. Effective with version 4.1, the emulator supports incoming network connections, as well as full duplex audio and Voice over IP (VoIP).

For information about changes in version 4.2, see Emulator.

Expanded Remote Connection configuration 4.0 Used to create and maintain a list of connection configurations for multiple target devices. For more information, see Configuring a Connection for Downloading and Debugging.
Export Wizard 4.0 Facilitates platform development and maintenance by allowing you to move project files from one Platform Builder installation to another. For more information, see Export Wizard.
Kernel Independent Transport Layer (KITL) 4.0 Provides a layer of abstraction between the communication protocol and the hardware to simplify debugging and performance analysis during kernel development. For more information, see KITL Transport.
Locale tab 4.0 Contains localization information, including the names of valid locales you may choose, the language currently chosen on your development environment, and the list of code pages used for associating a locale with its correct Unicode implementation. For more information, see Locale Tab.
Base configurations 4.0 Provided by Platform Builder as starting points for the creation of an OS image. For more information, see Configuration Selection.
Export SDK Wizard 4.0 Used to create a custom software development kit (SDK) for your Windows CE-based platform. The Export SDK Wizard creates an SDK installation package in the .msi file format and feature-based documentation is exported to the SDK. For more information, see Export SDK Wizard.
New Platform Wizard 4.0 Used to create a new platform quickly and easily. You can select one or more board support packages and a configuration, and then choose from a variety of general and device-specific features to create a new platform. You can choose to build the OS image from the wizard or make further changes before exiting and making manual modifications. For more information, see New Platform Wizard.
Platform Upgrade Wizard 4.1 Assists in upgrading an existing Windows CE .NET 4.0-based platform to a Windows CE .NET 4.1-based platform. For more information, see Upgrade Wizard.
Remote Call Profiler 4.0 Provides the ability to profile protected server libraries (PSLs) and configure the number of buffers, threads, and processes during a profiling session.
Side-by-side installation with an earlier version of Platform Builder and Windows CE .NET 4.1 Permits side-by-side installations of different versions of Platform Builder to facilitate porting from an earlier version of Windows CE.NET.
Special feature notifications 4.1 Provides detailed information regarding licenses or security issues for specific OS features. You can keep track of what notifications you have already addressed or need to address for a specific platform configuration.
Source code browsing 4.1 Extends the existing source code control system by enabling the IDE to display the location of the primary source code supporting a feature and in most cases, the source code itself.
Web notifications 4.1 Sent by the Windows CE .NET support team, these notifications inform you when important hotfix releases, updates, and information related to creating Windows CE .NET-based platforms are available from Microsoft.
Windows CE .NET Test Kit 4.0 Provides a graphical user interface for device driver testing. Test kit tools include a test suite editor, command line editor, and context-sensitive help.

To facilitate development and testing of drivers in the Windows CE Embedded toolkits, the CETK is not part of the Platform Builder IDE. You can open the CETK from the Windows Start Menu, under All Programs.

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