How to Setup a Server Certificate for a Windows CE Web Server (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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You can install an SSL server certificate for a Windows CE-based device that functions as a Web server. The procedure only works on devices that have the control panel user interface.

Hardware and Software Requirements

This document makes the following assumptions:

  • Your Platform Builder installation includes the CEPC x86 board support package.
  • You have a CEPC already configured. For more information, see How to Set Up a CEPC.
  • The computers you are using for this scenario are connected to an existing public network through a hub.

The following table shows the devices that are required for this network.

Device name and functionSoftwareConfigured as
Development workstation Windows 2000 Professional Edition or later with Microsoft Windows CE Platform Builder installed.Development workstation for CEPC.
CEPCWindows CE 5.0 or laterWindows CE-based device functioning as a Web server. For more information about configuring a Web server, see How to Configure the Web Server.

To track your progress in the following table, select the check box next to each step.

1. On your development workstation running Platform Builder, submit an advanced certificate request.Retrieving an Advanced Certificate
2. Install the certificate on the Windows CE-based device functioning as the Web server.Installing the Certificate on a Windows CE-based Web Server
3. Register the certificate on the Windows CE-based device.Registering an Advanced Certificate on the Windows CE-based Web Server
4. Confirm that the SSL certificates are ready for use by browsing a secure site.None.

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