Using the Remote Configuration Tool to Configure the Access Point (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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After you download your access point run-time image to your CEPC, you must configure the access point by launching the remote configuration page from your client computer.

To configure your access point using the remote configuration tool

  1. Connect a network hub to the private network interface card on your CEPC, and then connect a client computer to the hub using an Ethernet cable.

    The public network interface card must be connected to your development workstation and the workstation must be connected to the Internet or a WAN. The VMINI1 adapter serves both as a debugging interface and as a WAN interface.

  2. From a client computer on the private network, use a browser to access the Internet.
  3. To launch the configuration pages for your AP, on your client computer, in the address bar of the browser, type http://<AP IP address>, and then press ENTER.

    For example, if you have configured your access point to use the static IP address of, type in the address bar of your browser.

  4. The Windows CE Remote Management Tool appears.
  5. On the Welcome page, choose Next.
  6. On the Set the password for your Gateway page, type a password for your access point, confirm the password, and then choose Next.
  7. On the Configure your Internet connection page, choose the I do not want to set up an Internet connection now option, and then choose Next.
  8. On the Configure wireless mode page, from the Select wireless mode dropdown list, choose mixed b compatible (fast), and then choose Next.
  9. On the Give your wireless network a name page, in the Network name (SSID) box, type TESTAP, and then choose Next.

    This network name becomes the Service Set Identifier (SSID), which uniquely identifies your network system.

  10. On the Secure your wireless network page, from the Encryption strength drop-down list, choose 40-bit WEP (standard).
    Note   The 40-bit WEP key is selected by default in Windows CE.
  11. In the WEP key box, type a 10-digit WEP key, and then choose Finish.
    Note   The 40-bit WEP key must contain 10 characters, and can be any combination of alphabet letters A - F and numbers 0 - 9.

    The gateway will reset.

  12. After the gateway has finished resetting, a dialog box appears asking for a user name and password. Enter the following information, and then choose OK.
    ItemText to be entered
    User Nameadmin
    Password<the password you created for your access point>

    You are now ready to connect a wireless client to your access point.

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