UPnP Migration
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UPnP Migration (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The major changes to the UPnP functionality in Windows CE 5.0 are the additions in the following list.

  • UPnP AV Framework. Windows CE now includes the UPnP AV Framework, which provides a full-featured C++ class framework to make it easier to build control points and devices that use the UPnP Audio/Video (AV) DCP. For more information about the UPnP AV DCP and the Windows CE UPnP AV Framework, see Using the UPnP AV Framework and UPnP AV Reference.
  • IUPnPDeviceDocumentAccess interface. Windows CE now supports the IUPnPDeviceDocumentAccess interface. This interface enables applications to retrieve the URL of a device description document.

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