Creating a Custom Shell

Windows CE .NET

The shell provides the user with an interface to the objects necessary for running applications and managing the Windows CE operating system on a device. These can be real objects on the device, such as files and folders; virtual objects, such as the Recycle Bin; or remote objects accessed through a network.

Windows CE allows you to implement a wide variety of shells from simple command line interfaces to fully customized graphical user interfaces adapted to your platforms. A Windows CE shell consists of components that each provide a specific area of shell functionality.

In This Section

Selecting Shell Components
Describes the shell components that are available for a platform.
How to Customize the Shell
Describes how to work with the standard shell source code in your own platform.
Including a Command Processor
Provides a description of the command line processor.
Including the Standard Shell
Provides a description of the standard shell.
Including the Taskman Shell
Provides a description of the Taskman shell.
Shell Components
Describes the elements hosted by the shell, such as common controls and Control Panel.
Hiding System Sound Events
Describes the sound events available through the shell.
Creating a Welcome Application
Describes how to add an application to your platform that runs once when the user starts the device for the first time.
Installing a Custom Shell
Describes how to register your own application as a shell.
Enabling Shell Callback Functions
Describes the callback functions that your shell application must support.
Shell Reference
Provides reference information for shell programming elements.
Control Panel
Describes the implementation details for creating Control Panel applications.

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