DirectSound Interfaces

Windows CE .NET

This section contains references for methods of the following DirectSound interfaces:

The Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET implementation of DirectSound currently supports the creation of objects implementing the IDirectSound, IDirectSoundBuffer, IDirectSoundNotify, IDirectSoundCapture, IDirectSoundCaptureBuffer, and IKsPropertySet interfaces to enable basic playback and capture facilities. The IDirectSound object can be created through the DirectSoundCreate method exported by the Dsound.dll.

There is currently no support for the IDirectSound3DBuffer, IDirectSound3DListener or IKsPropertySet interfaces.

The current DirectSound implementation on Windows CE requires that an appropriate wavedev.dll audio driver be installed on the system, and works in a manner similar to the wave emulation mode of DirectSound on the desktop. This means, for example, that secondary buffer mixing occurs in software, access to the primary buffer is restricted, and buffers will not be lost or need to be restored.

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