CETK Setup (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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On your development workstation, you can run the CETK tool at any time. For more information, see Running the CETK Tool on the Development Workstation.

To connect the CETK tool to a target device, and then run CETK tests, the target device must support the CETK. A target device that supports the CETK has a copy of the CETK client software, Clientside.exe. You must also configure a connection between the CETK tool and the target device.

You can use Platform Manager to copy Clientside.exe to the target device, and then connect the CETK to the target device. For more information, see Connecting the CETK to a Target Device by Using Platform Manager. Alternatively, you can manually run Clientside.exe on the target device. For more information, see Manual Connection of the CETK to a Target Device.

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