Device Management (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Device Management is one of the key requirements for deploying target devices in an enterprise scenario. Managing target devices involves being able to remotely distribute software, keep track of software and hardware, manage inventory, and configure target devices.

Methods of installing files or applications on Microsoft® Windows® CE-based devices that do not use Device Management functionality often require user interaction and offer no way of keeping a target device updated over time, nor do they offer an administrator an easy way to centrally distribute software, and manage hardware and software.

In This Section

Device Management Catalog Items
Provides descriptions and Sysgen variable information for the Catalog items that appear under the Device Management node in the Platform Builder Catalog.
Device Management Client
Provides information about the protocol used by the device management client and how to set up a target device to receive software updates and notifications.
SNMP Application Development
Describes Windows CE support for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). This is the Internet Standard protocol for network management and part of the TCP/IP protocol suite.

Related Sections

Applications and Services Development
Provides high level information about the operating system functionality in Windows CE that is available for developing applications and services.
Windows CE Features
Provides links to, and information about, the Catalog-selectable technologies and functionality that can be included in OS designs.

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