Other Power Management APIs

Windows CE .NET

The Power Manager builds on the standard Windows CE power architecture. Regardless of whether they are aware of Power Manager, stream device drivers will be notified through XXX_PowerUp and XXX_PowerDown when the system suspends and resumes. The following table shows the APIs related to power management.

Function Description
GetSystemPowerStatusEx2 Retrieves battery status information.
OEMIdle Called by the kernel to place the microprocessor in the idle state when there are no threads ready to run.
OEMPowerOff Invoked when the OFF button is pressed or the Graphics, Windowing, and Events Subsystem (GWES) times out on its power-off timer. It is responsible for any final power-off state and putting the microprocessor into suspend mode.
XXX_PowerDown Suspends power to the device. It is useful only with devices that can be shut off under software control.
XXX_PowerUp Restores power to a device.

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